Simple Idea, Big Local Impact:

100+ Members + 1 Hour x 4 Meetings Annually = $40,000+ for Area Charities

This group is open to all residents of Tewksbury, Mass.

100 People Who Care Tewksbury is a members-only giving circle.

We are not a charity. No money goes to or through our organization. It's given direct from our members to
the nonprofit
selected by our members.

Events are run by volunteers. We welcome local venues donating space for our quarterly meetings,
which are held in March, June, September and December
. Custom sponsorships are available to support nonprofits.

To apply to join us, please contact any board member, drop by one of our events or fill out this e-form.


Board of Directors

Chair: Jayne Wellman Vice-Chair: Brent Conway
Giving Event Chair: Krissy Polimeno
Sponsorship Chair: Shana Abbott
Nonprofit Liaison: Beth McFadyen Membership Chair: Mary Aylward
Board Administrator: Open
Compliance Chair: Bruce Shick
Communications Chair: Lorna Garey